Calibration capability

Some products of the DK800 and DK850 series have a type approval and are therefore approved for use where calibration is required.

  • DK800: NSW, SWE, SKW, SWA
  • DK850: NSW, SWE, SKW, SWA, SWT
  • DK890: FBW Förderbandwaage (continuous)

Please note that some type approvals have not been extended, but the devices may continue to be used as part of the grandfathering.

Special features
  • Calibratable data storage


We would be happy to support you with the calibration of your systems.

  • Compilation of the necessary documents for submission

  • Creation of documents and nameplates

  • Calculation and verification of the calibration-relevant characteristics

  • Create a power of attorney

Security tags

We will be happy to provide you with security marks for conformity assessment

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